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[EESC 3201] Solid Earth Dynamics

July 31, 2012

Nettles, Meredith
[EESC 3201] Solid Earth Dynamics

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Solid Earth Dynamics was the best class I've taken at Columbia. Meredith is not only a smart and engaging lecturer, she also really cares about her students and constantly asks for feedback. We covered heat flow, gravity, isostasy, seismology, geomagnetism, and glaciers. The textbook is good but I found Meredith's lectures that she posts online are so concise and thorough that I didn't read the textbook much after the first couple units. Really an amazing class, challenging and rewarding.


Midterm: practice test given beforehand, work quickly or you won't finish the test in 75 minutes. Final: no practice test given, but less of a time crunch than the midterm. About six problem sets ranging in length and difficulty, but you always get at least a week to do them and the TA and professor are both very helpful with questions if you get to it early.

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EESC / EESC EESC EESC V3201: Solid Earth Dynamics Meredith Nettles 2012 Spring TR / 9:10-10:25 AM 1