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[MECE 4602] Introduction to Robotics

May 31, 2011

Longman, Richard
[MECE 4602] Introduction to Robotics

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I was fooled (FOOLED I TELL YA) by the awesomeness implied by the course title and by the course description. Less than 20% of the subject material covered even mentioned the word "robot." Everything was extremely theoretical and mathematical, and most of the time we were just solving linear algebra problems or feedback problems without understanding how it pertained to robotics. I did fine in the class, got my A, and understood absolutely everything - all the math and theory was fine - except I would have no idea how to apply any of it to robotics.

Also, class is from 6:10-9:20 on Tuesday nights and Longman is very very disorganized and boring. However, the book is horrible and he never uses it, so you have to go to lecture. If you don't understand something in lecture, you will not be able to find it somewhere else.


7 problem sets for 10% of the grade - some were very easy, others were more difficult, but all were time consuming (mostly due to how cumbersome linear algebra can be).
One midterm and one final, each worth 45% - very fair and I would even claim easy if you understand all the homeworks. it is VERY important that you can do EVERY problem in EVERY homework comfortably, without missing anything. He can repeat questions and he might only change a constant or something, so as long as you understand the homeworks, you should be ok. However, if you mess up even a little bit, he can take off a lot of points, which may cost you since the mean is normally high due to the majority of the students being grad students.

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Dept/Subj Directory Course Professor Year Semester Time Section
MECE / MECE MECE MECE E4602: Introduction to Robotics: Introduciton to Robotics Aleksandra Popovic 2012 Spring T / 6:50- 9:20 PM 1
MECE / MECE MECE MECE E4602: Introduction to Robotics: Introduciton to Robotics Richard Longman 2011 Spring T / 6:50- 9:20 PM 1