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[PHIL V3713] Varieties of Liberalism

January 12, 2011

Sidorsky, David
[PHIL V3713] Varieties of Liberalism

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Even though the class goes by pretty slowly since he talks pretty slowly, his lectures are surprisingly very organized and, with the exception of a three-session-long rambling digression into US foreign policy in the 70s, every lecture was very interesting. However, Sidorsky is pretty old; he couldn't see people's hands raised for questions, so after a month or two most of us gave up trying to ask questions entirely.
Also, there is pretty much no interaction with him at all aside from his lecture. Though he kept repeating to himself almost every week that he should involve us in a discussion more often, he never did anything but lecture the whole time. To me, this was a virtue of the class. Instead of hearing my peers who have been in three philosophy classes, I got to just sit and listen to someone who has been studying philosophy for 60 years.
Grades were based only on the midterm and final, which, contrary to his claims of them "probably being easier than than they should be", were actually disproportionately difficult, though not unreasonably so.


VERY short, dense weekly readings (2-20 pages)
Challenging Midterm
Long, difficult Final

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PHIL / PHIL PHIL PHIL V3713: Varieties of Liberalism David Sidorsky 2010 Fall MW / 1:10- 2:25 PM 1