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[RELI V2645] Religion in Black America

December 12, 2010

Sorett, Josef Silver_nugget
[RELI V2645] Religion in Black America

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I took Religion in Black America in Fall 2009. The class was incredibly interesting and diverse in the material it covered. Sorett took a genuine interest in the students, was very personable, and tried to have a meaningful discussion focusing mostly on students' input each class. At the end of the semester, he sponsored a voluntary, informal lunch which was very fun. Sorett was always prepared for class and on time. We had weekly one-page response papers which he always read and sometimes brought up in class. He usually used the first part of class for lecture/powerpoints/songs/videos and then led a discussion. The readings were generally about one book per week but were usually very interesting. Not a hard class if you are interested in the material. This class was one of my favorites at Columbia, and Sorett is awesome.


10 1-page response papers; Take-home midterm; Observation paper based on attending a black religious service or interviewing an old religious person; 10% attendance/participation. For the final, there was a choice between writing a research paper or doing an in-class final, but because the exam was so close to Christmas, Sorett made the final take-home.

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