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[RELI V3585] The Sephardic Experience

September 22, 2010

Schorsch, Jonathan
[RELI V3585] The Sephardic Experience

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Professor Schorsch is definitely one of the smartest professors I've had. He's the type that simply knows everything about the subject. Moreover, when he does not know something, he freely admits that he is unsure and researches the topic for next class (this is unfortunately not the case with most professors.)

The assigned readings are long and not very interesting, but the truth (and this is pretty true for any college course) is that you don't need to read everything.

The class is at its best when there is discussion. Professor Schorsch delights in students asking questions and actively encourages participation. Without class participation, Professor Schorsch will lecture non-stop. My suggestion to those who have trouble focusing is to start a class discussion. You can make the class better, but it requires doing some reading and asking the right questions.

The papers are not difficult. The topic is very broad allowing you to choose what interests you most. He is a fair grader, but he expects a high level of performance (which considering the small amount of work, it's fair for him to ask that you put in some effort.)

Finally, I want to echo the sentiment most of the reviews have expressed which is that he is a truly great person. He will make time for you and go out of his way to help you. I really recommend getting to know him.


Three 3-5 page biographies and one final research paper (10-15 pages.)

Weekly readings (but you don't have to read everything.)

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