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[W3215] Forensic Osteology

May 17, 2010

Shapiro, Jill Silver_nugget
[W3215] Forensic Osteology

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This was A LOT of fun! Basically, we got to play with bones all the time, lectures were awesome, and the readings were carefully chosen -- nothing short of fascinating, just like the whole course. You also have complete freedom to research what you want for the term paper and she reads them closely, providing EXTENSIVE feedback. Everything describing Shapiro in previous classes/reviews held true here -- insanely enthusiastic and willing to help, brilliant, amusing, and exceptionally fair. Toward the end of the semester she talked about adding lab time onto lecture in the future -- this would be helpful as we often just needed more time to actually handle specimens and apply what we were learning in lecture. All in all, a wonderful experience.


Very reasonable.

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EEEB / EEEB EEEB EEEB W3215: Forensic Osteology Jill Shapiro 2012 Spring TR / 12:15- 2:15 PM 1
EEEB / EEEB EEEB EEEB W3215: Forensic Osteology Jill Shapiro 2010 Spring TR / 1:10- 2:25 PM 1