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[FYSB BC1130] Myths of Maternity

May 08, 2010

Foley, Helene Silver_nugget
[FYSB BC1130] Myths of Maternity

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Professor Foley is AWESOME.
Take any course you can with her.
She is so cute with her smiles and candy giving. She even invited us to her house this semester for FYF Myths of Maternity.
She is available to meet basically all the time, and she always tries to accommodate her students.
She is passionate about women's issues and ancient Greek studies, but even if you don't care about this stuff I'm sure you'll enjoy it with her class.
Her caring makes you care.
She facilitates class discussion but does not make it weird. Initially she leads discussion but then she has you bring in passages and questions and in the end you kind of take over the discussion.
Seriously she rocks.
Woo Foley!!


Sort of a lot. She expects a lot of reading, but it comes down to about 100 pgs for the weekend and another 100 for the week. However, almost all the reading is interesting and leads to pretty cool discussion.

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