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[ELEN E4703] Wireless Communications

May 03, 2010

Diament, Paul
[ELEN E4703] Wireless Communications

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Yeah, he presents the material. Yeah, he's usually not wrong. Yeah, you come out of the course knowing more about the subject than any employer will ever require you to learn.

But personally, I'd rather watch tortoises have sex than take this man's course: it's just as laborious and boring, but at least there's some comedy in the concept of turtle sex.

I mean, seriously. This guy doesn't even look UP. Once I sat through a lecture - a typical lecture, mind you - and Professor Diament did not even acknowledge that he had students (read: raise his head) for 46 minutes. At that point, he lifted his head and said, "And that's the module frequency." He then lowered his head and continued muttering to himself like a lobotomy patient.

Actually, I think that a lobotomy would enhance your enjoyment of this class. I think I'm going to Professor Lazar to get one.


Pretty "okay", although there is immense standard deviation on the p. sets and midterm. Be careful you don't fall in the lower bracket.

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