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[FILM R4138] Auteur Study: Howard Hawks

January 05, 2009

Sarris, Andrew
[FILM R4138] Auteur Study: Howard Hawks

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Some people might find Sarris cute, funny, and silly, but if you are actually trying to learn about a famous director like in Auteur Study, Sarris is extremely frustrating. Now 80 years old, Sarris is a legend amount film academics for inventing Auteur theory, but can't teach for shit. He came into the class, maybe talked for five minutes about some trivia, and then after the screening, asked people what they did and did not like about the class. The only insight came from the readings and putting the pieces of the film together myself. Sure it will be nice to say "I took a class from Andrew Sarris" some day at some fancy film dinner, but I wish I could have gotten more out of the class.


weekly readings for discussion section, two papers (7-10 and 10-12) graded surprisingly harshly by the T.A.

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FILM / FILM FILM FILM R4138: Auteur Study: Auteur Study: Howard Hawks Andrew Sarris, Sara Mason 2008 Fall T / 2:00- 5:45 PM 1