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Avant-Garde Cinema

September 02, 2008

Frankfurt, John Silver_nugget
Avant-Garde Cinema

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I'd been waiting for a few semesters for the film department to offer this class again
and it was definitely worth the wait. Professor Frankfurt is a well-prepared,
knowledgeable, teacher who puts together a solid course. While his humor sometimes
escapes the class, he does a good job at facilitating discussions - integrating
student comments and questions in productive ways. The screenings were always quite
good. There was a blogging assignment that was a bit ill-defined though it was nice to
be forced to have to visit and write about places like Anthology Film Archive. Students
had the choice of a final seminar paper or making their own experimental film. Overall,
worthwhile taking this class.


medium to heavy reading, blogging, final paper or creative project

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