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Cultural Anthropolgy

April 08, 2008

West, Paige Silver_nugget
Cultural Anthropolgy

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Paige West is by far the worst professor I have had in my four years at college. She is incredibly unprofessional to the point where students outright laugh at her during lecture. I took this class because I was interested in taking an anthropology course, and had read relatively good reviews on CULPA, however I am incredibly dissapointed in the class. First, Professor West is constantly changing the syllabus and assignments. Most recently she pushed back the due date on an assignment, so that it fell during midterms-no thank you. In addition, because she is constantly changing the syllabus around (we've received two revised syllabii so far), towards the end of the semester the reading load is incredibly heavy-roughly 300 pages a week--completely absurd for an intro-level class. Second, she takes forever to grade assignments--we received our first graded assignment the week after the p/f/d deadline. Third, she teaches with a clear agenda-if you disagree with her extreme Marxist rantings, like myself, you will find her completely one-sided lectures unfulfilling. Also, be warned-Professor West does not allow you to use a computer in her class-if she sees you with a computer she will make you put it away. Professor West is incredibly scatter-brained in lecture, and often goes on lengthy tangents on completely unrelated subjects to anthropolgy. Our TA had to correct her numerous times in lecture on key names and dates--an indication of her style of teaching. Also, regarding the many comments posted on her style of dress, I must say that wearing see-through t-shirts and tops that expose your bra are not a style to emmulate in a classroom environment. If you want to take an introductory Anthropology course look elsewhere!


Heavy readings (at least 300 pages a week-some readings better than others--one reading is on sex toys-no joke), 1 in-class midterm (based mainly on lectures-IDS with essay question on readings), 2 papers, 1 participant observation, 1 Final

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