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Art and War

April 29, 2007

Fusco, Coco
Art and War

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This was the worst class I have ever taken, and Professor Fusco is by far the worst professor I have ever had. She is completely self-obsessed and cannot teach. In the four hours of class, she spends the first 2.5 talking about her views, politics, life...anything having to do with herself, and about ten minutes on material remotely related to the course. She makes assertions as though she were the world's leading political scientist and ends up spewing complete BS that is not only wrong, but also irrelevant to the course. In a class of only six people, students occasionally made comments, but somehow there were no real class discussions. She makes discussions impossible because she cannot listen to what others have to say so that, instead of responding appropriately, she turns comments around to be able to talk about herself.
In terms of subject matter, this class could be phenomenal--it is unfortunate that it is taught by a useless, ineffective professor. The university should not have moved Fusco to Arts and Sciences; she is completely unqualified.


readings (which are never discussed), BS 10 minute presentation on any type of visual representation of war, typical 25 pg paper

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