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Black Theater, Writer's process

April 06, 2007

Cobrin, Pamela Silver_nugget
Black Theater, Writer's process

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If there is one word to describe Pam (sorry, i can't call her Professor Cobrin but you can feel free, she's cool with either) it is PRESENT. When she is teaching a class she is right there with you, and she sort of embodies that idea most teachers say but don't really think, "I learn as much from my students as they do from me." The greatest thing about Pam is that the woman knows how to lead a discussion--a rare talent for professors, and a very important one for English/Theater instructors. She also is not afraid to do a little house-keeping-meta-discussion if there is something going on within the class that is creating tension or any sort of problem, which is really special for a prof to be able to do. She is so engaged with her students and the material, and just really down-to-earth and no nonsense. She's flexible and doesn't assign too much reading, is totally accessible outside of class and


very reasonable reading in general, midterm and final papers, working with writing fellows.

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