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Earth & Environmental Science 1

December 20, 2006

Bower, Peter
Earth & Environmental Science 1

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I do not know where to start. First, I strongly advise you take this class to fill your science requirement. It is by far and away the easiest. I took this class to fill a science requirement, and I really thought I was going to shoot myself. Which brings me to my next point..I stopped attending class all together by the 2nd month. It was completely useless. His weekly quizzes become a joke, you are bored out of your mind during class, and the material is so unnecessarily repetative and nothing to do with the environment outside of NY. If you want to learn about the Hudson River, then this is for you. His teaching method is boring sheerly based off of the fact that he talks about irrelavent things & plays music all the time.
You will fall asleep. No doubt. Half the class ended up taking the class P/D/F because the work is so time consuming..NOT because it is hard..because it is ALL BUSY WORK ALL THE TIME. You get nothing done when you look back on your semester. For an environmental teacher, he handed out more packets of paper than ANY class I've EVER taken. So much for saving trees. His quizzes are condescending because they are literally out of the book, and the way that he teaches is ridiculous. Think 7th Grade science class with more work just so it can be considered college level. I could not understand the grading technique at all, even though he tries to map it out. He seems to care more about his research as a scientist then this ridiculous class...but the Hudson River Report is vital to your grade, that's about all I got out of this. He's nice though, have to give him that. Take the class. Don't go to lecture. The work is ridiculous. So...all in all, perfect for a requirement filler!


Easy. Weekly quizzes (questions about the reading are given to you AND it's OPEN BOOK), Hudson River Report (don't leave it til the last minute), and a final (just like a quiz but with an extra page)..and some map quizzes

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