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October 18, 2006

Adamek, Wendi

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

while it's true that prof. adamek is not a barn-burner of a lecturer, what the above reviewers are picking up on is that she is simply not a show(wo)man. she gives the class the information they need, simply and with impressive understanding of a complicated topic.
the tenor of this course was consonant with all of my previous experience, that is to say: the engagement of the students with the material and the instructor has everything to do with the quality of the course and instruction. it may be true that my classmates (and i) tend to go off on slight tangents, and we make many jokes (it's a small class and weird material, so it encourages more informal behavior) prof. adamek should be lauded for joking right along with us and facilitating very interesting class discussion.
i hate it when a prof. will accept anything a student says for the sake of debate in a class. prof. adamek pulls off a neat tight rope act when she both encourages class discussion but does not have any compunctions with telling a student if he/she is off base. i know it happened to me, and i appreciated it.
take prof adamek's class. in the afternoon, it's easier to stay awake i guess. or if you like learning.


a lot of reading. midterm, final, final paper with a draft due early november.

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Dept/Subj Directory Course Professor Year Semester Time Section
RELB / RELI RELB RELI V3410: Daoism Wendi Adamek 2009 Spring MW / 2:40- 3:55 PM 1