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Introduction to Western Religions

June 08, 2006

Deutsch, Celia
Introduction to Western Religions

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Wonderful Class! Take it! Yes, Professor Deutsch can be a little boring at times, but it is worth it. Even within a lecture section she encourages active class participation which is usually based on interesting topics. While there is a lot of reading assigned, it is not necessary to do all of it. There are weekly response papers--for these all you need to do is one of the assigned readings for the week. There are only two papers assigned for the semester and they require no outside research--and the syllabus is detailed enough that you can go back and read the articles pertaining to your subject.
Aside from the in-class material, Professor Deutsch is a wonderful and interesting woman. I strongly encourage you to go to her office hours and get to know her--she has so many interesting anecdotes!


A lot of reading that you don't actually have to complete, weekly response papers--except you get two "freebies" and you can make up missed ones, one midterm paper (8-12) and one final paper (12-15)

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