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Senior Honors Fiction

May 13, 2006

Woodard, Leslie Silver_nugget
Senior Honors Fiction

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Leslie is nice. And she cares a lot about us. However, I really didn't like the format of the class - rather than workshopping regularly, we discussed published short stories for 2 hours every week and only workshopped our pieces in the last 3 meetings. We were supposed to meet in groups to workshop on our own but I doubt many groups met that often... I mean, we were all 2nd semester seniors. The final pieces were pretty awesome - they were generally revisions of older pieces made into larger collections around some sort of theme - so our "reading" was good. But I guess I wish it was run like a traditional writing course rather than an English class.


submit a final "project" (some people wrote novels/
novellas, others wrote collections of stories/essays, some turned in a project that they were starting to work on)

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