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Economic Life and Human Character (FYS)

May 07, 2006

Burgstaller, Andre
Economic Life and Human Character (FYS) and [BC3041] Theoretical Foundations of Political Economy

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This professor is one of the nicest people on Earth! He is brilliant and wonderfully enthusiastic about his subject. He really cares about his students, and wants to help them get as much as possible out of his class. He is also extremely receptive to student ideas, and encourages questions and office hour chats. Especially in his First-Year Seminar (which was the most awesome class I took in my life!) Professor Burgstaller has been incredibly friendly and down-to-earth, with his bright orange vest and his one-of-a-kind laugh. People who don't know him and are daunted by his accent or the countless mathematical symbols he scratches onto his black board: have no fear! First of all, if you'll just approach the man you'll find how good-natured he is, and how willing and capable he is with explaining the most complicated concepts in the clearest, most concise way. Second of all, for the Theoretical Foundations of Political Economy class, all the lecture tapes are in the library! He also spends hours and hours on preparing intricate lecture notes on Courseworks. He is truly an awesome professor, and a champion of student thinking.


A lot of reading. Keep up, or you'll be missing out. Papers with drafts. If you're lucky enough to be in his small seminar class, he will personally devote hours of his time to giving you very detailed, extremely thoughtful comments on your paper.

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