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Theory and Method in Religion I

April 08, 2006

Bender, Courtney Silver_nugget
Theory and Method in Religion I

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Prof. Bender made what could have been sheer drudgery into a highly engaging, helpful, and enjoyable class. She prepares extremely carefully for class and works harder than any prof I've had in my two years at CU; this I would warn, though, translates into high demands upon you, the student. She managed to facilitate what were typically very lively discussions, and, remarkably, sustain them for three hours. She somehow found time to actually read and write thoughtful comments on our weekly reading responses -- and this despite their being 2-3 pp single space, and the class numbering over 20 students. Bender brings a cultural sensitivity to the material that some others in the field might lack; and she does not speak in the god awful theory-speak that some others do who traffic in this material, thankfully. I might have wanted a slightly different reading list, one more chronologically arranged and that moved through the history of the discipline and along more narrow lines (as opposed to more episodic, eclectic readings more or less in the sociology & anthropology of religion, but this was not the course's orientation). On its own terms, it was decidedly a success. I continue to draw upon much that I learned in the course in my grad work.


Brace yourself. Weekly response papers of 2-3 pages, single space, which she reads carefully. Three written assignments (2pp each) meant to familiarize you with the profession. A research paper of 15-20 pp or so. Some of the hardest 3 credits you will ever earn.

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