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March 27, 2006

D'Altroy, Terence

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True, Professor Altroy is a really nice guy but he's one of my worse professors this semester. He likes to go over a large amount of information so he's forced to generalize everything, which makes the class uninteresting. His lecture style needs some improvment; he often mumbles, doesn't talk loud enough, and groups large words together so it makes his point confusing (he sounds exactly like the textbook). The TA is much better at conveying the information. The tests format was standard. The most difficult thing in studying for them however is that there is just SO MUCH information to memorize that you often end up cramming. I wish he would have told the class what terms to not study because their were so many of them. I have to say I'm disappointed with this class. It wasn't as intricate or as interesting as my East Asian China class with professor Schoenenbaum.


Midterm 33%, Final 67% or optional paper 25% midterm 25% final 50%

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