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February 11, 2006

Taylor, Mark

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Very easy. Avoid if you can. Wait. Want to learn about the class? Get the reading list and do it on your own time if your that gung ho. This guy is pound for pound the worst prof at Columbia. The only class I recived below a B+ in in all my years at Columbia-and it was way below. Think about what you came to Columbia for as others have asked you to do. You came here because you are amoung the brightest in the nation and you want to do the best at what you do. You want to go to law school , med school, grad school, or land that big fancy job. The shity grade you will recive in his class will in no way help you. Wait till someone else teachs it if you can or pick a diff major. Dont belive the hype. If you value your education or your GPA stay as far from this class as possible.


You will not be able to do it and will fail because of it.

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