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Environmental Science, Shorelines and Streams, Environmental Law

January 17, 2006

Bower, Peter
Environmental Science, Shorelines and Streams, Environmental Law

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Unfortunately, this course has received the reputation of being the P/D/F class to take to get rid of the science requirement. Thus, when students take this course for an extra nap, they realize that yes, there is actually some work to be done. The truth is, the class is interesting and the work is interesting -- if you want to learn things. Yes, it is time consuming, but personally I would rather things be time consuming and easy than time consuming and hard. No intro science course is a totally easy A, but this is as close as it comes. If you like environmental science, then you will see that bower makes it as easy as possible to do well. He repeats everything you need to know several times, and he says it exactly in the form you need to know it. The reading is great, and not dense, and the questions he asks are straight out of the book. He specifically gives a lot of work so that each assignment has little value on its own and nothing screws you over. There are many opportunities to do well. But, if you are looking for the class that is neither long nor time consuming, then perhaps consider high school. :)

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