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RIse of Technology....

January 23, 2006

McGourty, Jack
RIse of Technology....

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This class is a complete joke and a waste of time. It ends an hour early every week, the professor has nothing of any value to talk about, and there is no need to attend a single class. How this is even a course at an Ivy League school is baffling. I could have learned a lot more by reading the Science section of the New York Times once a week. Moreover, McGourty assigns random grades arbitrarily and there is no way he reads the papers students hand in. I checked out the comments other students received and they were identical. The most amusing part, is that some big shot in the engineering department came in and told us how important and amazing the class was. It's all a bunch of BS.


team papers, maybe a presentation, book report, and don't attend a single class.

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