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Advanced Ukrainian

January 13, 2006

Shevchuk, Yuri Silver_nugget
Advanced Ukrainian

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Professor Yuri Shevchuk is an incredible teacher. Firstly, he knows the Ukrainian language, grammar, society, and culture very well. Secondly, he knows many other languages such as Polish, Russian, French, and Spanish, and so it's really cool when he points out to you how what youÂ’re saying is Polish, for example, instead of Ukrainian. He is a relatively young guy who has a great sense of humor and runs the class so well that you don't ever really look at the clock until you realize that you're late for your next class. What is most important I think is that he truly loves Ukraine and it's culture, and so takes a lot of issues, such as that of language, very seriously and thus gives you insight into a lot of things that you thought you understood well, but really don't.
As to the work-load, he lists all of the assignments on the web, and make sure that anything that says "in writing" is handed in, because he usually won't remind you to hand anything in. From monday to wednesday or tuesday to thursday (depending when you have it) he gives mainly grammar or vocab practice exercises that don't take long to complete. Over the weekend there is more work but nothing that can't be handled in several hours. He did not give a midterm, but had three tests throughout the semester that were pretty easy, but still needed to be studied for. He offered to replace the final with a translation project.
His grading is pretty strange in that he will grade you on improvement rather than your scores. So for example, you'll probably do well if you start off with C's and move up to B+s or something. The numbers are definitely not the letters in this class, grades-wise. Since Ukrainian is a difficult language as all Slavic languages are, background is important. So, he will never grade you against a person who all ready knows it much better than you do.
Overall I highly recommend this course. It's not only grammar and repetitive vocab stuff, but you learn about Ukrainian literature, cinema (he is big on cinema, runs the Ukrainian cinema club too), and more. Look, i am a planning science/math major and I did not need to take this course because i already fulfilled the language requirement by testing out, but i still did because it is so worth it, you really will enjoy it.

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