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Genomic Info Science & Technology

December 30, 2005

Wang, Xiaodong
Genomic Info Science & Technology

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Wang is a terrible lecturer, doesnt know the material very well and simply reads off of pretty well made powerpoint slides. The amount you will learn from going to lecture is considerably disproportional to the 3 hours that you have to sit there listening to him. If you are planning to go, bring something else to do, unless you are planning on falling asleep. The schedule for the class was also very annoying, he ended up changing the dates of the first midterm, setting a new date for the second as a result and then changing that one as well. The material in this class is quite easy to grasp and can easily be done the night before a midterm or final. Homeworks are quite long and challenging at times. The course covers alot but there is only so much you can be tested on because alot of it requires a computer to do. It also becomes a lot easier if you come into it with a biology background. Most redeeming factor about Wang is that he loves to give out good grades and will try to maximize your final grade as best he can.


Weekly problem sets graded on a good/excellent scale and handed in by email, two midterms and a final.

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