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Islam in the 20th Century

December 11, 2005

Yavari, Neguin
Islam in the 20th Century

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The worst lecturer I have ever taken. DON'T take the class if you are the least interested in the topic. Yavari is a nice person but she is one of the worst lecturers I have ever had. This class is a seminar but she ends up talking 95% of the time. She loses herself in obscure details and analogies- when the topic is Khomeini you might find her talking about abortion in Vermont. In addition I found that she used the f-word an awful lot for an academic in her position. I found it absolutely impossible to follow her stream of consciousness. This class was an absolute waste of time and tuition money and I deeply regret having taken it as a senior. At the end of the semester stand utter confusion, almost frustration with a subject matter I really have a passion for and plain astonishment at how a professor who is so knowledgable can be so lacking in structured discourse.


Fairly light; challenging midterm, final paper, no final exam. I believe she will not be able to grade discussion participation since she was the one who talked all the time and made it basically impossible to contribute.

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