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Beyond Photoshop

July 04, 2005

Lefcourt, Daniel
Beyond Photoshop

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I learned a lot of cool, and practical, stuff in this class. From being able to repair disintigrating antique photographs, to designing and publishing a fairly intricate website. Daniel's knowledge of Adobe product software, i.e., Go Live, Photoshop, and Imageready was truly spot on. His sense of style and aesthetic concepts prompted us to design websites that are notably better than the competition's. Daniel paced the class so that everyone was able to keep up, and he tailored special projects fro those with slightly more advanced skills. This was definitely the most practical class that I've taken in the past four years at Columbia. Take anything Daniel teaches.


Weekly projects, which are fun and force use to become proficient with the software's tools. A final website project that can be as practical as you'd like.

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