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Silkscreen 1

May 17, 2005

Liu, Charlene
Silkscreen 1

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Charlene is such a sweet and helpful woman, and is very good at what she does. Her class is extremely fun, laid back and enjoyable. She teaches you all of the techniques within the first half of the semester so that you can just hang out and make art the second half. She's always available to help you print, and will always put in her two cents regardging projects. Her evaluations are friendly and fun, nothing to stress about, especially because she loves to embrace mistakes. Her grading, unlike other art teachers, seems to depend on effort and improvement throughout the course. I definitely recommend this class, it's a lot of fun, and not too stressful!


Something like 10 projects total. 1 for each new technique, then 1 at a large scale, and then you're basically free to have fun. Sometimes due dates are hard to make and you get a little behind -- shop hours aren't too flexible but take advantage of them!

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