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War Propaganda (Movies)

April 14, 2005

McKenna, David Silver_nugget
War Propaganda (Movies)

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One of the best classes at Columbia. I have no idea what the other reviewers were talking about (then again I havent taken screenwriting) but this class is a perfect elective for someone who likes war movies, politics, and generally entertaining lectures. Despite being as liberal as they come, McKenna does a decent (by Columbia standards) job of presenting both sides of political arguments - in other words, he helps the freshman figure out that they should have some idea what's going on in this country before they bash Bush because all of their friends are doing it. McKenna's funny and very well informed about film, history, and contemporary issues. The serious film majors seem to love him, but his focus in this class is on propaganda and its affect on the American people, so you don't need to know so much about movie-making to benefit from this class. You'll never look at a movie/tv screen the same.


Readings that are completely (by McKenna's admission) unnecessary - but worth looking at. 4 3-5 page papers on pretty much anything you want if it has something to do with war propaganda. It's hard to get an A, but even harder to get a C. Take this class for enjoyment, not a grade.

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