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Religion/Mod world

April 12, 2005

Taylor, Mark
Religion/Mod world

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This is the worst professor i have ever had. I am a senior philosophy and religion double major and I found his class to be both intensely difficult and a total waste of time. He likes the socratic method, but dare you raise your hand and ask a question he will gladly tell you the answer to every other question on the planet but the one you ask. That is unless he knows the answer-which is seldom. This man is a total waste of Columbia's budget...Williams College can keep him. Maybe he is mad that he has a Phd from Harvard and cant get tenure at Columbia and wants to take it out on his poor unsuspcting students. I recived a B in the class and that is only because I know philosophy since its my major. i feel sorry for the poor kids who are religion majors or just took the class to learn about religion.


Insane,impossible, and totally worthless unless you want to become a religion philosopher. Even the your better off taking someone else

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