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Screenwriting Workshop

March 06, 2005

Caplin, Loren-Paul
Screenwriting Workshop

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By far the best writing teacher I had during my three years at CU, Caplin taught me more about developing a structurally and creatively sound storyline, replete with effective dialogue, solid themes, and believable characters, than all of my other 7 writing teachers did combined. Conceptualizing a story before you begin to write (those who say "Oh, I just start to write and see what happens" rooted themselves out all on their own and were revealed as uninformed and ineffective writers) is what Caplin preaches and my writing improved by leaps and bounds for this simple, but rarely heeded, philosophy. He is also a pisser in class and has the unusual knack for relating to everyone, which is sadly uncommon among faculty in general. Great teacher. Great class. How often do you get both?


I wouldn't consider assignments for a class like this work.

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