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Constitutional Challenges Facing Minorities

January 02, 2005

Ouyang, Elizabeth Silver_nugget
Constitutional Challenges Facing Minorities

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Overall I thought the course was great. Ouyang, who happens to be a civil rights attorney, really managed to bring up the major ways that the constitution and those in power shortchanged different minorities (Asians, African, and Latino Americans, and more recently those of Arab descent). However, I was a bit disappointed because the class was not taught in a seminar-style. In other words, most of the time she picked on people to read certain paragraphs of documents and that was considered participation. Also, any opinions of citizenship and immigration that were even remotely conservative were attacked. In addition, there are often no clear guidelines about the assignments, which is confusing. But all of these flaws can easily be forgiven. Ouyang is a really well-meaning person and her interest in civil rights for everyone is truly infectious. She also puts past struggles side-by-side with more modern problems on the issues, which is really cool.


Reading that is often on the heavy side. Many supreme court judgments that can be very dense, along with secondary sources and newspaper articles. A 3 pg paper about a community event that you had to go to. 8-10 pg. paper and group presentation on issue about race/citizenship. [You really need to bust your chops and do EXACTLY what she tells you on this one]. We also had to do a 2 pg mock draft letter to a senator about the proposed military draft and other random short assignments.

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