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Christianity, Popes and the Papacy in the Middle Ages

August 09, 2004

Somerville, Robert Silver_nugget
Christianity, Popes and the Papacy in the Middle Ages

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Prof. Somerville is without a doubt the best professor in the religion department and one of the best and most underrated undergraduate professors at Columbia. The only reason I can come up with that people think he is boring is that they are simply uninterested in the material. If you have more than a passing interest in Christianity, the class is a must. Somerville made me a religion major by presenting thoughtful, intelligent analysis of the roots of Christianity. He's a giant in his field, and with good reason: he knows his stuff and communicates it well. Taking something from this man should be a requirement for religion majors, and strongly recommended for everyone else--these are the types of classes we came to Columbia to experience.


Christianity is easy--two "quizzes" (one multiple choice, one IDs), a short paper on St. John the Divine, and a relatively simple final. The Papacy seminar is intensive--the two 15-pagers will threaten to kill you and will likely give you nightmares, but it's worth it at the end.

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