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[RUSS V3339] Masterpieces of 19th Century Russian Literature

June 28, 2004

Kashper, Mara
[RUSS V3339] Masterpieces of 19th Century Russian Literature

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*** AVOID **** The motto is “It’s not about what you learn, but what you already know,” which is obviously good for some, but bad for others. This is a woman who cares absolutely nothing about her students, their effort, or progress. She will grade solely based on her liking you, and her liking you depends on the following: (1) You have to have a perfect working knowledge of the Russian grammar, which means, if you are in this country for more than 2 years, you better have been attending a Russian school. (2) You should have read most of the works on her syllabus prior to taking the class (3) You must have an in-depth knowledge of the Russian History.
If you lack any of these, she will put on a "sweet lady" mask, but don't be surprised when at the end of the semester she's “not willing to listen to you”.
Overall she doesnÂ’t have a single opinion of her own. She generally reads a printout, and asks the students to discuss.


You are expected to be able to read approximately one major novel per week. She can NEVER finish discussing it because the conversations always trail off. But do not worry, because she will hold make up classes whenever she feels the class is behind (one of them was held during the reading week). There is about one 3-page paper per week that is judged solely on your grammar and wit. These papers outweigh the midterm and the final whose grades she shows for 15 sec and is not willing to discuss.

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SLAB / RUSS SLAB RUSS V3339: Mastrpieces of 19th-C Russ Literature Mara Kashper 2009 Spring MW / 1:10- 2:25 PM 1