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Analysis of Film Language II

December 31, 1999

Engel, Lawrence
Analysis of Film Language II

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Like many courses in the Film department the titles don't always jive with the subject matter. There is no Analysis of Film Language I. Regardless, if you want to make films, forget all the other courses and take this one (II). Save your money, and major in someting else. Engel's course is the only one you'll need to understand film. Engel teaches you how to read a film. Like a surgeon he takes each film and clinically dissects it, then he shows you how each one works. (You get none of the pointless high-falutin hot air that Sarris so ceremoniously delivers from his Learish throne.) But Engel, on the other hand, is like Moses taking you to the mountain. You learn what the biblical phrase "I was once blind, but now I can see," means. I was lucky when I took the course; it was small and there wasn't another vapid grad student to suffer in the endless rounds of section meetings.


There are two papers and a scene analysis at the end of the term. The scene analysis is fun because you get to do what Larry's been doing (teaching) all semester long. If you don't get the itch or bug to want to make a film, then you were meant for Econ.

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