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Acting Puppets and Mask

March 17, 2004

Trompetter, Amy
Acting Puppets and Mask

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Fellow students and I have commented amongst ourselves that we are very fortunate to have Amy as a professor here at Columbia-Barnard undergrad theatre. Puppetry and mask performance are not commonly taught in college theatre programs, but I have found that they can be exceptionally helpful in one's work as a performer.

Through puppet & mask technique, Amy teaches about simplicity and clarity in movement, use of restraint, and a sort of humility that comes from putting all of your focus into animating an object (instead of focusing on yourself).

As another reviewer commented, Amy's teaching style is really grounded in the practical. That is to say, the practical application of performance techniques. Things can become confusing if you talk about ideas and techniques in theory. However, by actually trying out your ideas and showing Amy what you have in mind, you will find a very productive learning experience.

Amy seems very concerned about her students' work, and she responds well to students' enthusiasm and positive energy. She is incredibly objective and offers pin-point feedback for presented work; she does not at all play favorites when it comes to giving feedback and constructive criticism. This, I find, is a really great thing, since it means there's no chance for slacking off. She really teaches students to just keep trying and trying in order to find something that works, something that reads well to the audience, something coherent and clear.


Class meets twice a week. Work is a mix of practical and theoreitcal. Some response papers to outside theatre viewings, plus some basic researching, journaling, and storyboarding in order to help develop performance presentations. Midterm & Final performances, plus other scene work.

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THEB / THTR THEB THTR BC3004: Acting Lab: Acting Puppets and Masks Amy Trompetter 2006 Fall TR / 12:10- 2:00 PM 2
THEB / THTR THEB THTR BC3004: Acting Lab: Acting Puppets and Masks Amy Trompetter 2004 Fall TR / 12:10- 2:00 PM 2