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Puerto Rico 1898-Present

January 07, 2004

Sanabria, Carlos
Puerto Rico 1898-Present

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Professor Carlos Sanabria is a nice guy...the only problem I have with him is simply that his lectures are all over the place. You can not possibly keep up w/ him. He talks really fast and constantly goes back and forth. Sanabria at times confused tme. Yes, he is insightful but it would be tremendously helpful if he followed the syllabus. He has unrealistic expectations. For example: the first day of class he wanted us to go out, buy the books for his class and read the first book assigned by the next session, which was not a small book! Now you tell me how can anyone possibly read an entire book in one day and actually grasp the material? Yet, on certain topics he was very passionate about and if you could keep up with him you would get some enlightening information.


Midterm-try to get as much information out of him about the exam as possible if not you will find yourself studying everything! One research paper 10-15 pages and a Final.

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