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[ANTH V3943] Africa: African Youth and Identity Politics

October 28, 2003

Sharp, Lesley
[ANTH V3943] Africa: African Youth and Identity Politics

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

If you are interested in Africa, then this is a fantastic course. If you don't know much about Africa, but care about youth and culture and education (especially in post-colonial contexts), then also take this class. Sharp is terrific, she knows the material, can lead class discussions, lots of participation . The level of the class is, obviously, dependent on the students, but Sharp knows how to bring up controversial topics and ideas from students and stimulate you intellectually. This class is not about BS, and papers are graded accordingly. Be creative in how you present your ideas and think about anthropology/historical contexts/politics. Probably the best class I took at Columbia, reinvigorated me.


usual seminar work - A lot of reading, presentation, take home final and midterm papers. great readings.

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