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[PHIL BC2120] Existentialism

September 30, 2003

Shebaya, Sirine Silver_nugget
[PHIL BC2120] Existentialism

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Sirine is a grad student in the philosophy department. I had her for Existentialism, which was taught over the summer.

Beyond being really gorgeous (H-O-T), she is an amazing teacher. She has clearly done a lot of teaching elsewhere -- she said in Lebanon -- because her lectures were always insightful and concise.

She did a good job of incoroporated Courseworks into class discussion -- posts were discussed for about half of the class time. Discussion comprised about 3/4 of total class time. Sirine really appreciated the thoughts of her students and would do her best to articulate them when the student was at a loss for clear words. She was also helpful developing sparks of ideas into complete fires of new interpretations and problems with the systems and ideas of the philosophers we'd read.

Paper topics were chosen from a huge variety; individual topics could be done with consent. There was a lot of reading/homework because it was a summer class, but grading was generally lenient.

If you have the opportunity to take a class or section with Sirine, definitely do it. She is peronable, fun, exotic, and knowledgeable beyond the level of any other TA I've encountered.


N/A b/c it was a summer class.

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