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Latin American Civilization

September 01, 2003

Piccato, Pablo
Latin American Civilization

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Pablo Piccato is a cute puppy, but this class is...not fun. Lectures are comprehensive but disorganized and the weekly readings are dry to the point of being useless. The TA's grade pretty tough, forcing you to devote a lot of time to the papers...which is hard to do, as the topics tend to be uninspiring, at best. Getting an A in this class isn't impossible, but it definitely isn't easy...skipping classes is enticing, but not a good idea since there is no textbook. But Pablo is a nice guy...I would just steer clear of this class.


10 one page papers (one per each reading) that you can pretty much do in half an hour...provided you don't actually do the reading; it's not worth it anyway! Two 5-ish page papers, a midterm (easy) and a final.

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