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intro to environmental science I & II

August 08, 2003

Bower, Peter
intro to environmental science I & II

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he's a nice guy. he means well. but can be a irritating at times. his class is relatively easy if you're looking to fufil a science requirement and aren't searching for a psychotic quantum physics level. the math that's done is tolerablely easy enough (basic algebra) and yet math happens infrequently. formulas don't need to be memorized. but he's strangely weird about plagerism though. he accused the whole class of cheating and threatened to take action. but then never brought it up again. labs are pretty easy too. the lab prof's are fabulous. try to get diane ! she's extremely helpful and generous grade wise


bi-weekly quizzes for esI, less frequent quizzes for esII, museum trips w/ museum packets to do, midterm, final.

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