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Theater History I & II

June 29, 2003

Garrett, Shawn-Marie
Theater History I & II

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Shawn is more than a brilliant professor; she is an incredible role model and source of information. She knows an incredible amount of not just theater history, but theory, practice, and critic as well. She is, perhaps, not as professional as many other cu profs during her lectures, but this only adds to her particular style. She is, however, very professional when it comes to any written work. She is serious about theatrical writing and a hard grader as a result, but my writing improved amazingly under her criticism. If you are not serious about the subject matter, however, theater history with Shawn is not for you... it is a theater-major oriented class. If you are interested in this subject, though, Shawn is always ready to go out of her way to help you and become your friend. She is my favorite professor out of any that I have had at cu.


5 informal postings on webpage, midterm paper 5-7 pgs, final exam

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