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4th Year Russian, Russian Phonetics and Russian Culture

May 06, 2003

Kashper, Mara
4th Year Russian, Russian Phonetics and Russian Culture

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I don't know how anyone could give this woman a negative review! She is absolutely wonderful. There's no way to get out of her class without learning a LOT of Russian. So if you want to actually learn something, what a novel idea, take advantage of any and all of her classes. She does everything in her power to make her classes interesting and enlightening at the same time. She is a little intimidating in class but an absolute sweetheart outside of class. I think she just wants to keep things professional so she can teach you as much as she can. She RARELY get off the topic. But don't let this intimidate you! She is always available outside class to help you for as long as you need help. And I have to agree with the last review, she is one of the only professors at this school that you just want to hug after the class is over!!


Pretty intensive but all very helpful. For all of you who survived the first three years of Russian at Columbia, the days of the endless worksheets and work book exercises are over! You will have to write a lot, but it won't be as tedious.

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