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Russian Theater Hands-on; Russian Culture in NYC

April 30, 2003

Kashper, Mara
Russian Theater Hands-on; Russian Culture in NYC

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She is NOT an easy professor. The classes I took required fluency in Russian, which I don't have, and she is a drill sergeant when it comes to pronounciation and grammar. BUT. . . she is warm, sweet, funny, generous and understanding, and you know what - my Russian improved immeasurably after some time with her. Plus, she is always ready to give praise when you deserve it. One of the rare professors whom you just want to hug after the class ends.


In Hands-on Theater, you just have to be able to read Russian well-enough to perform in a play; Russian-Culture - frequent writing assignments (in Russian) and some really fun field trips, plus in-class presentations (all in Russian) and she expects plenty of participation - if you're quiet, she WILL call on you.

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