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first year seminar: modernism: texts, models, methods

April 23, 2003

Buchloh, Benjamin Silver_nugget
first year seminar: modernism: texts, models, methods

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dude. This seminar rocks my teenage-party world.
Words cannot express what an interesting, engaging, and generally brilliant wealth of knowledge this guy is. Part of the privilege of attending a univerisity of this caliber (shout-out to all the pretentious mo-fos) is being able to leech information off of wonderful professors with diverse views/opinions of works within their fields, so don't let the rumors of his biased views keep you from taking the course, these opinions are part of what make the class so intriguing. Plus, he's always willing to listen to your opinons, in discussion as well as in papers, as long as you back it up.
Buchloh creates in his class what is probably one of the most difficult fy-seminars at the barnyard...but come on! y'all know y'all are sick of women and culture or friggin' Reacting to the Past and all that malarchy!! If you even think you might be interested in art history, this is a great introduction to the practices and methods of art historians, and it will expand your mind in ways you never thought big deal if you have to break out the dictionary to read the articles. If what you want is a watered-down easy way out, don't take this class, but if you're up for a challenge, Buchloh is brilliant. So make like a sponge and soak it up.


we're on our eighth 3-5 pg. paper, but hey, no final, no research paper. Lots of heavy readings, but definately manageable.

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