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First Year Seminar: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life

April 06, 2003

Kay, Laura
First Year Seminar: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life

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Kay is a really sweet, really approachable professor. She likes her students, and she loves astronomy, and she talks about her cats. You totally don't have to do the readings because no one else ever does them either, discussions are a joke, and at least half of our lecture time was devoted to movie watching. Kay is a really easy going professor, and if you ever really want to talk to her about the subject she loves hearing it. Unfortunately, she can easily become a pushover and a lot of students find that she's a joke and don't bother doing the work. But you should, because if you don't you'll feel guilty--she's really, awfully nice.


4 short essays (2-3 pages), final interactive... thing. Super easy. Medium reading, which you can or cannot do depending on how interested you are. She seems to give everyone a B+ no matter what.

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