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Jewish Ethics

January 19, 2003

Shatz, David Silver_nugget
Jewish Ethics

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I was the ONLY person in the class that wasn't Jewish but hey, it's Columbia, you have 30% of the Columbia students as a resource! Having such little background made the workload particularly heavy (rav who?), but it was entirely possible and worth it. I can say that I never felt like an outsider (but I did have to look to my neighbor for an occassional translation from his Hebrew and/or horrible handwriting). TAKE NOTES. Almost everything from the exams was straight from notebook to bluebook. Though Shatz lectures, the class is entirely what the students in that room make it, which made it such a unique experience for me. All and all, Shatz is very intellegent, interactive, and respectable. It is an intensive class (again, shiksa speaking) but worth your time and Columbia tuition.


HEAVY reading but in short articles that can be skipped around.
Couple papers: must be thorough but non-yeshiva-ish language is stressed

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