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Intro to World Theatre, Intercultural Set Design

December 31, 1999

Trompetter, Amy
Intro to World Theatre, Intercultural Set Design

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Amy really has a screw loose. She is that stereotypical type of theatre professor who wears a million layers of black linen, scarves, and weird shoes that look like clogs. She doesn't know how to organize a class or how to assign work. Basically, she was hired because she is good at what she does -- theatre design -- but she doesn't really know how to impart that to others. Ignoring all of this, however, Intro to World Theatre was a great class. She is basically the hostess of a variety of performers from various theatre traditions. Forget the fact that she speaks condescendingly to students, performers, or basically anyone. Forget the fact that she doesn't know how to lecture. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy some great actors from around the world who you would never take the time to go see but who are definitely worth it. Consider it free theatre as a class.


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