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Environmental Law and Intro to Environmental Science (1001 & 1002)

July 10, 2002

Bower, Peter
Environmental Law and Intro to Environmental Science (1001 & 1002)

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Ok, I will agree with all of the above reviews that the man is full of himself. To show us what a subpoena looked like, he even brought in one that he got as mayor of "a small town in New Jersey, " which he mentioned every other second. But, bottom line, he is a really good teacher and is one of the most fair professors I have ever had. When preparing us for tests, he told us exactly what we needed to know, and there were never any surprises. We got to use "cheat sheets" frequently, which made things a lot less stressful. He clearly outlines what he expects from you, and you can even hand back tests and papers for reevaluation if you think there is a problem. Overall, although his ego is huge, he's a very nice guy and you will definitely do well, especially if he actually knows who you are (this is hard in intro, but the law class is smaller so he'll definitely know who you are!)!


Intro: a few tests (first semester we had small tests every week and a non-cumulative final, second semester we had 4 tests and the last one was a non-cumulative final). Lab is pretty much a joke, because in 1st semester you have one lab for the whole year that is really long but not hard at all. Second semester you have no lab reports but you have to spend your lifetime in the Museum of Natural History drawing taxidermied wolves. Law: midterm, non-cumulative final, and some "exercises," which were basically short papers.

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