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June 15, 2002

Amenoff, Gregory Silver_nugget

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Amenoff is really quite a fascinating professor who I feel has helped me take my painting to the next level. He really pushed me to break out of some of my long-standing habits, and while I like to think I was already a pretty decent painter, it is undeniable that pre-Amenoff I only thought I knew color-mixing. You will also be exposed through books and the web to lots of other artists and their famous works. Our TA was also pretty good and showed us his graduate studio. Bottom line; Amenoff's assignments will challenge you and you'll be very happy if you put in a few extra hours on your pieces.


Usually one or two paintings per week; I heard that Rand's class was turning in 4 or 5 paintings per week, but I think that's a maddening pace that is not doable for everyone in the class, esp. when you are taking other classes. And Rand's pacing forced almost everyone to use acrylics because of the cost of paint. I'll take quality over quantity.

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